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Manitowoc SD0502A  Ice Machine Troubleshooting?

Question asked by chefhenryclay on Jul 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by olivero

 I have a Manitowoc SD0502A ice machine. It stopped producing Ice and after inspection of the machine I discovered that the silver round capacitor below the control board was bulging. I replaced the capacitor. After Moving the toggle switch to On position The machine starts its normal path to ice production,it will turn on, water curtain works and the compressor and condenser fan engage. The condenser fan will cycle off after about 7 minutes while the compressor remains running. The compressor shuts off about 8 minutes later and is really hot to  touch. No ice  is on the ice plate as  while it was running the water dripping over the ice plate did not fell cold enough to form ice cubes. What should I do next or what should I check? Shoudln`t the fan remain on so it cools the compressor?