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We are replacing the frequency inverter of a CONVOTHERM gas combi-steamer unit (Model OES 6.06 MINI) but unable to make the steam functions.  Do we need to re-program the frequency inverter so that it communicate properly with the oven main PCB?

Question asked by rbn on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by olivero

We are conducting repair for an electric-heated combi-steamer with details as follows:



MODEL OES 6.06 MINI; SERIAL FS808893000A300

FS8H D5512    VOLTAGE: 400V/50-60HZ/3N

5.7 KW 11.8A


We found out that the frequency inverter was defective so we purchase one to a local dealer in Singapore and install.  See photo of the part below:

Upon installation, program menu options displayed but the fan won't operate.  You have to manually press functions on the frequency inverter before it runs.  The heating element functioned just fine.


My question is, do we need to re-program the frequency inverter to match control parameters of the oven's main PCB?  Or should it communicate automatically with the main PCB.  If a re-programming is required, are the step-by-step procedure only available from Convotherm factory or it could be downloaded from the web?


The units is idle for 2 long months now and we couldn't get any support from Germany factory.  We would really appreciate any help we could get.


Thanks and regards,

Reygan Nery