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KGL 100 Nightmare

Question asked by olivero on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by olivero

Hey Guys.


I've got 2 KGL 100's, and 1 bigger one with an agitator but the same parts used for the kettle as the other ones.


So here's what I got.


Original complaint 3 or 4 weeks ago, "It's not getting hot enough" so I checked the pot, it was doing it's thing, 0 ohms at 10 and 50K at low. I then checked the thermister at room temp it was around 97K which is acceptable. I checked the gas valve as well, pulling amps to stay open at around 0.62A so it's good as well, so I ended up changing the controller out thinking that was it as Cleveland tech support told me to do that.


That worked fine for about a week, now it wouldn't reheat hot enough so I went through the same stuff, everything checked out but the gas valve was pulling 0.50-0.52 A instead of the normal 0.65 or 0.70 which is what it should be, and those gas valves won't pull open unless they're above 0.55 in my experience or they can't be relied on, seen it many times, change it out and all is well.


SO I changed the gas valve, but the numbers didn't change much, still in the low end, now it was 0.57A instead so I figured whatever, let it go and see what happens. 3 days later, not working right.


So I go "That's it, I've had it, I'm ripping you apart until I figure you out" So I did (or I thought I did), and I figured it might be a transformer problem so I grab a new one and put it in, now it's reading around 0.65 and occasionally 0.75 so I'm thinking it must be it!


THEN 3 days later AGAIN now it's saying it's hot and good when it's not,  as in, you set the pot to 10, it should be boiling furiously by the time that green light comes off, it's not even boiling and it says it's all good and happy. Then I come in and turn it on and everything's wonderful, 40 PSI on the gauge and hot as hell.


So what is it? Only intermittent thing i've seen is the gas valve when it's dying out, but I put a brand new one in like I said.


What else could it be?


Why can't stuff just break, this semi working stuff is the stuff that makes me nuts.