Check your Rational SCC oven hoses

Discussion created by ectofix on Jan 21, 2019
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I maintain SCC ovens dated from 2004 to present.  All of those have Rational's built-in self-cleaning feature to a certain degree (cleanjet only or cleanjet+carecontrol).


One of our 2010 model ovens recently took a dump on me...LITERALLY.  The steam generator's drain pump hose ruptured during a cleaning cycle, thus pouring an acidic cleaning solution down into the component compartment.  It subsequently shorted something out and blew a fuse.  Consequently, over $1100 in cruddy, corroded motorized parts had to be replaced. 


My advice to everyone is to check the drain hose, cleanjet pressure (outlet) hose...and ALL pressurized hoses during your next service call.  Feel the hoses as you would when exploring a car's radiator hose when looking for weak (soft) spots.  If a hose appears to be getting soft, REPLACE it!


$30 to $60 in new hoses can save a customer much down time and the huge expense in other replacement parts.