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Convotherm 4 Combi Oven burner making gunshot noise

Question asked by olivero on Nov 6, 2018
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Howdy guys.


Here's another one for you.


I've had this issue before on my Convotherm 4 unit, one of the burners randomly makes a noise that can only be described as a gunshot.


I changed out one of the igniters today in the top burner thinking it was the culprit, as I am testing it, I decide to check the bottom burner and fire it as well, so I'm not sure which was doing what at the time but I have the cover off and "BLAP!" I kind of duck for cover, lol and a second "BLAP!" shortly after so I reach back and pull the cord out with my left ear ringing from the noise.


IT was no joke, as loud as firing a gun at a range with no ear protection. 


Not sure what causes it but I gotta find out as this just don't make sense. Smartcare (who originally serviced the oven before me) said at the time it was the igniters going out of gap and a delayed ignition was the cause of the sound, which may be true but it's still odd, have any of you heard or seen something like that before?


I'm gonna go pull the bottom burner right now and see what condition it's in.