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Question asked by luisg on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2019 by rationaltechnician

Hello, I have recently been doing services to RATIONAL SCC WE, SCC and CM-P, (more than a year ago). I am a Venezuelan immigrant in Peru and that is what I do now. I worked for some rational service partners and I realized that they did not perform the services as the manufacturer indicates. I took my own initiative and got the training manuals by my own means. And now I have some clients who trust my process and are happy with the results.
I try to do everything as the manufacturer recommends but here in this country there is something that usually generates inconveniences. Is that the same service partners are the same sellers of spare parts and accessories. And they do not usually sell these to anyone other than their own nearby circle, you will understand. There are three service partners that monopolize the market here throughout the country. I have tried to get the USB STICK RATIONAL but it is impossible unless I directly import it, it is expensive without counting the customs costs and endless things that happen in the third world.
I have researched a bit and it is possible to format conventional USB STICK to fat16 (which is the format that I believe the system supports).
I have all the software updates but I am not sure to use this system to update the equipment.
I would like to know if someone has managed to do something like that, if possible. I do not want to generate discomfort to any client.

Sorry for the long text I just wanted to give you a context of the situation I am in and why I want to do this "experiment", (if you can call it that).


Thanks in advance.