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knife and plate fitment issues in large hobart 4256 and 4356 meat grinders

Question asked by jtom on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by fixbear

I've been tasked with getting these machines up and running after some parts were removed, they use #32 plates and knives. The issue is the studs on the auger tips- one machine is 1/2" and the other is just a little over 7/16". I see most plates have 1/2" center stud holes which actually measure larger than 1/2" which would allow the auger on the unit with a 7/16 stud to contact the inside of the machine, which is a no go. Also the #32 knives are so tall that when installed that they do not allow me get the plate seated fully in the end of the machine, so of course tightening the front sleeve nut would put pressure on the knife. I checked and factory hobart knives are 5/8" tall, which is what I have but the stack height of the plate and knife is 1/4" too far out. I'm puzzled by the 7/16 stud on the one machine, is the actual standard for #32 plates for a 1/2" hole or what, and what is the correct standard height for the knife?