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Kitchen Aid ice maker (under cabinet)--compressor issues

Question asked by weezieandrews on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by fixbear

My Kitchenaid Under Cabinet ice maker is having trouble.  (KUIS185JBL2) For two weeks, it makes ice like normal for several hours and then stops.  When I turn it off, let it sit for awhile and turn back on, normal ice production resumes.  The same thing happens again.  What happens when ice production stops is this:  no ice forms on the evaporator tray b/c it is not cooling.  The normal condenser sounds that "kicks on" during this freezing cycle turns into it trying to come on every 15 seconds or so but cannot/does not stay on.  I have tested the compressor (all three prongs) and it seems fine.  Because the ice maker does indeed work sometimes, it's hard to say that any one thing is "broken."  Help!  I am trying to problem solve and have narrowed it down to the overload protector or the start relay. If it is anything other than those two options, it's beyond what I can do and will have to call a technician.  Get out your wallet.  Also, when I tested the prongs, it had been shut off for over an hour. I felt the compressor and it felt warmer than it should but I don't know what normal is like for its temperature.