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General Question!

Question asked by partsgirl on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by gregct

Hey guys! (fixbear ectofix )  


Here I am with a question, so don't go getting all huffy since I don't have model or serial.



Someone contacted me for a Robert Shaw 780-715/708-715U (Ignition Control non-lockout). Needed it today. In the background, I can here someone stating there is a generic part resembling this one he has used before. That's just lead up folks



Basic questions here.

1. Is there an alternate part number this specific Robert Shaw part <alternate vendor maybe>?

                                                                 (keep in mind, in most descriptions it already states universal *face palm*)

2. Generally speaking, is this a widely used brand? (basically, different appliances, models, manufacturers)

 (I know a lot of times, regardless of what they are repairing the first thing they go for is the "generic" Robert Shaw Parts)



P.S. Thanks guys