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Has anyone tried a 3rd party house thermostat on a Bryant Evolution model Heat Pump system that uses an A B C D wiring designation?

Question asked by henlopen on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by henlopen

I know this may is a bit off topic, however occasionally a family member (my daughter in this case) recently bought her first home and found it had a quirky thermostat, which seem to be a frequent problem with this manufacturer I've learned.  She wanted an iDevices Thermostat from Apple, and their reply was "it seems like your system may be compatible with the iDevices Thermostat. However, since the standard/traditional terminals are not being used on the HVAC control board we are unable to assist you with the wiring of the iDevices Thermostat."  So, we are wondering if there are any compatible wifi programmable thermostats available that will work with this unit using the 4 wire setup already in place that some of our members may know of.  


Thanks in Advance!