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Can I convert a Retherm Holding Cabinet to a oven

Question asked by partgio on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by fixbear

Hello all. Just we have a Retherm Holding Cabinet MD1144 made by Carter Hoffman in our Pasta market.


Just I want to know if I can convert it to an oven.


I have the wiring diagram and also the electrical diagram of the unit.  I can see that are two thermostat for protection of both coil box air elements that  cut off at 300 farenheit degrees.


I don´t know if the 300 Degrees snap disk thermostats control are activated to protect the inside temperature to mantein safe the food holding temperature?  or is to protect the coil box air elements?


My main question is: Can I replace the thermostat for another that permit me go to an upper temperature? or Can I eliminate the thermostat and control the coil box air elements power just from the control box with the K thermocouple inside temperature and relay it to power of the coils? 


I made the control box digital once I works with electronics to control the differents types of food temperature manteinence and works ok. I will add this feature if is possible safely.


Another question is how much degrees can I reach making this modification? (if is possible) There is a maximun to works safely with the coils to don´t come burned?


Thanks in advance for your help and all the best.


PD. Any response can be sended to   thanks again, I appreciate a lot your help.