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Walk-in coolers/freezers with HASP-type locks (!!!)

Question asked by ectofix on Apr 2, 2018
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The property I work at has a least a dozen of them.  A few even have fabricated locking bars spanning the door from the outside...with a padlock to lock them.

Obviously these didn't happen overnight.  They were installed over the course of DOZENS of years for various reasons...all before my tenure.


These locking devices bother me considerably.  They've bothered me for the six years I've worked there. 


They're just your general, hardware store-style hasp...with a custom-keyed padlock.  With that setup, a cooler or freezer becomes an entrapment hazard.  It actually happened recently and if it wasn't for one of our guys requesting to get back inside a cooler for some maintenance, one of our kitchen staff would've been locked in there for the night.  Thankfully that did NOT happen.


Here's the thing:  I'm not in charge, but I'm planning to STRONGLY urge to my boss that we need to remove these things because they're illegal...and install something that IS legal and safe.  Additionally, with very recent requests by Chefs to install even MORE hasps...and me speaking for my boss for the moment since he's out for medical reasons, I've been saying "NO, NOT YET.  I'm just sitting on the request(s) until he gets back".


With what LITTLE research I did in trying to find an OSHA (or equivalent) regulation, I tried finding something conveying a proper locking configuration for a cold storage room, but that hasn't brought me to anything clearly indicating that what we CURRENTLY have is illegal.

I DID find this little document by Kason:



I sorta wanted something more I could stand on.   Something by OSHA for some other regulatory body when I suggest  need to purchase and install the RIGHT locking mechanisms to replace the current wrong ones we have...before someone actually DOES get asphyxiated or frozen to death.


I'm intending to approach this in a way that doesn't open a can of worms.  In other words, I don't want to scream from a mountain top how awfully dangerous your walk-ins are.  I want to approach this with some discretion for the users, but justifies the cost for parts and our labor that would be needed for resolving the issue to our engineering management.


I'll add that PADLOCKS are really the only way to go here.  OEM locks are all keyed alike.  Our MULTIPLE kitchens (restaurant) are in the same complex of buildings and accessible by ANY employee.  The kitchens can't feasibly be locked to keep anyone out.  Therefore the Chefs employ our resident locksmith for custom, equally-keyed padlocks just for locking THEIR walk-ins and storage cages.


As an example of a hasp that would be suitable and legal for our needs, Kason offers this thing:



So, what I'm asking from y'all is for any offerings you have for:

  • A legal reference to regulations for proper latching/locking mechanisms on cold storage rooms (walk-ins)
    • ...for me to use in justifying my decree that "Our hasps are dangerous and illegal".
  • Any ideas y'all have for some products out there on the market besides the one I linked to above