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Convotherm 4, E05.1.8

Question asked by olivero on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by olivero

Well, Another one to solve.


Top burner ignition failure. Top is 1, 2 is boiler (don't have a boiler on this one), 3 is bottom.



This one was first looked into because there was a loud gunshot noise coming from the oven, turned out it was the top burner when it lit. I pulled the burner  and this is what the igniter looked like.


Spoke to Convotherm tech support and was instructed to replace the igniter, did that as well as their 25 minute on high heat "burn in" period to prevent premature warping. 2-3 days later the same error code occurs, I pull the burner again.



It's warped, so I replace the igniter again thinking this one was just a faulty part. 2-3 days later, same error code appears. Looks like the above picture but less warped and so I realign everything, check gap and bring the electrodes back in level like Convotherm specifices. Check all the electrical connections on the ignition module and the combustion blower, check that the combustion blower is spinning freely.


Next day the same error code appears, I don't hear about it until 2-3 days later when its happened 2-3 more times. pretty much daily now. 


Trying to get some help from Convotherm but its taking time that I don't have, this unit keeps being a problem despite all the work that's being put into it.


Any idea what it could be other than the igniter? Perhaps something is wrong with the igniters? These are spark style.


Could the ignition module be going bad?