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Combi Oven Uneven Cooking

Question asked by olivero on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by olivero

Well, lets add another one to the list of problems.


Uneven cooking, they cooked about 600 lbs of roast beef or pork today and about half of it came out still pink and not cooked enough. they used the Convotherm 4 and the OGS 20.20 unit but it was mainly noticed on the OGS 20.20.


I checked the suction panel in front of the fans, its locked in and tight. 

I checked with the Chef on the other points Convotherm brings up and nothing seems to indicate as the problem.


If there was a fan speed error on either fan or a ignition error, the oven would tell me so what is happening here?


Apparently its not totally new, they've seen it with other foods but I guess this time it really showed. They can't do cheesecake in them either as they don't cook evenly.


Any ideas?