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Convotherm 4 Wall crack, Top burner

Question asked by olivero on Mar 13, 2018
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Hello everyone


Not sure if you remember a while back I had another post regarding a similar problem where the wall of the oven had multiple cracks in it, supposedly from the burner gaskets leaking and I guess it somewhat carbonized the stainless and made it brittle, that was the bottom burner which was repaired, welded the cracks up and all that fun stuff.

Here is the older post.

Convotherm 4, Bottom Burner - Gas Burner technicians. 


Now I am seeing a similar thing on the top burner, this I noticed after having to change the igniter on the burner, since its not extending past the gasket area Cleveland is not worried about it being a problem right now but as all cracks go, they tend to keep cracking so I am sure I will have to deal with it again.


I replaced the gasket when I changed the igniter but I can't wrap my head around how this crack developed in the exact same spot as one of the cracks on the bottom burner.