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New fryer smell an taste

Question asked by Guest on Mar 16, 2018
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My Name is Sal Shepherd     Knights of Columbus # 12989

We purchased a new Black  Diamond fryer  On receiving the fryer we cleaned with fryer Boil-Out.

We have bought this product to clean our fryers for several years. From the same distributor we got the fryer from.

Our process is fill fryers with oil from same distributor an same brand. At 2:30 light pilots, than at 3:45

turn them on to 350 degrees. Everything goes great until 5:30- 6:00 we smell a  plastic smell than taste a metallic flavor in shrimp. We move to a different fryer no problem. We buy our shrimp from same people every year. IQF shrimp, we defrost our shrimp in running water. than put in chest with water an ice.

As we use the shrimp they are rinsed again.

Please any help in this matter would be much appreciated.


Sal Shepherd