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Strange Problem with an Imperial ICVG-1 Cpnvection Oven

Question asked by alireza on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by ectofix


i have a strange problem with my ICVG-1.

the spark works fine, then i turn the t-stat up and the flames turn on.

after some hour of working, some thing strange happen.

i hear CLICK sound of main Valve but the flames don't turn on !

i turn down the t-stat and hear a click sound from it that means a temp turned down, but when i turn up the t-stat and hear it's click sound ! nothing happening and flame not show up.

i will leave it for it self and some times the main valve and t-stat light turn on repeatedly very fast ! i mean really really fast for some times and then stop. then after a 10 ~ 15 minute oven flame turned on and working OK for the rest of the day!

i check a tstat with Multi meter and it works fine,

any idea on the problem guys ?