Hobart AM 15

Discussion created by rock on Dec 30, 2017
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I'm struggling with this door type Dishmachine on and off for awhile now.heres the issue: rinse temp is low.found that the contactor for booster heater is not getting voltage.coil voltage for booster contactor,one side is jumpered from another contactor that is closing,the other side goes thru both safeties on the booster.i tested them,they are not open.i jumped them out ,still no power to the contactor.what info I could find for this Hobart is this test: short the j9 on the board and the contactor should close,which it does and pulls amperage equal on each heater leg.this leads me to believe the board might be the issue,but I don't want to guess,I need to know and verify.the schematic does not seem complicated,what am I missing here?i checked the ohm resistance of probe in booster and it was right on for the water temp. Any ideas? Thanks