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Food service water quality

Question asked by fixbear on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by ectofix

We seem to have several threads going that relate to water.  Most of the kitchen equipment we see that heats water has a specification on Hardness (amount of minerals dissolved in the water), PH,  and Sanitizers (chlorine).  Note in some area's you will also run into Florine.  Machines that heat water need a hardness below 6 grains per gallon.if they have blow down systems. If they do not, they want distilled water.  Like proofers and warmers.


How do we know what we have?  Either a lab test or a field test.  Many water filter companies will test for hardness.  Some state heath departments will share their water test. Some larger food service organizations have a field test kit.  If the site is on city water system,  comprehensive lab test are usually easily provided by them  A test that provides every trace in the water and would cost you hundreds to have done.  Bacteria of course can be treated with chlorine or UV. 


What next? Do we try to tackle it on our own or do we call in a water specialist?  That determination is a difficult one.  We tend to have a bit of tunnel vision and only look at the machine we are installing or working on. The customer may be better served by a whole house system. Or a combination of whole house to one level and a individual machine filter for special requirements.


Softeners work.  But only if tailored to the specific water needs of the site  Find a reputable water company that is not just trying to sell equipment.  Include cost of medium, service and consumables


I've actually installed several RO systems for specific purpose. They work great if properly designed.  Under designed can be a nightmare. Today they are being used in the Middle east as a primary source of water from the ocean.  And lately in Puerto Rico.


Now the big question,  What have you experienced.  Do you regularly call in a water filtration company. Or do you put together something on your own?