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Steam Generator Failure

Question asked by ares on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by fixbear

I have a customer who is about to replace his 3rd boiler in 5 years on a Cleveland 36CGM steamer. His water company adds a significant amount of chlorine to the town water, which is very hard to begin with. I realize chloramines are one of the biggest contributors to pre-mature boiler failure. Presently using the Everpure SRX Kleen Steam system, uses Dissolve solution twice a month, blows unit down twice a day. I was on site today and removed approximately 5 lbs of scale, basically large rocks from his boiler. Has anyone had similar experiences and what were your practical solutions that actually worked? I am testing an RO system on a well water supplied public school steamer, who happens to also have an on site licensed water quality control person, he regularly tests the water. Any thoughts from those who have lived through this would be appreciated.