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Convotherm 4, Bottom Burner - Gas Burner technicians.

Question asked by olivero on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by olivero

Convotherm 4 Unit, had an error code last night, Igniter had rubbed against aluminum foil, was shorting out to oven chassis. Go to replace the igniter and this is what I find.




I've worked on the former model of this oven many times, I've had threads gall, studs break off and welded new ones on and had to do the works on these units but this, I've never seen anything like this before


I'm not talking about the missing stud, I am talking about the cracks in the metal and the melted parts of the ignition module and combustion blower. The stud came off today as it was galled when I tried to loosen the nut.


I am sure I can TIG it back together, tack it to the oven chassis and make it flat, weld on a new stud and replace the gasket and its all good but it's starting to get a little odd with all the problems I am having with this "new" oven.


Anybody seen this before?