FBB-PC-120 Duke broiler

Discussion created by dewroc6 on Oct 12, 2017
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had a brain teaser today working on a duke broiler, call was stated top rear burner not lighting , pull in broilers off , turn on and wait with the meter and the dual Mano one for top one for bottom. 10 we perfect , micro amps low( not low enough for a lockout) the ignitor was weak on the back , only real issue I’ve seen thus far , swap it out , let it heat again, NOW The back lights and the front will not , hmmm ( in the back of my mind I’m thinking bad board ) but not sold on that just yet , so I check the  ignition mod. Good across the inputs , but still nothing, so I make a call and was told it’s the ignition mod. For sure swap it out and it should work , kinda thinking    to myself that makes sense but why would it change burners ?????? So I swap the ing. Mod. Out .... nothing on either no spark now won’t even lite with a flame held against it .... at this point im convinced it’s the board ..... swap the board .... success! 

So a bit about location.... they have an in house maintenance guy that works on the kitchen equipment, so we don’t get a lot of call from this location, now the manager says this thing beeped and would lock out every morning, had to reset the power 5-6 time but eventually it would work , with one or twice thoughout the it would need reset .......

My theory  .... so I found a few bare wires in a zip tie (way to tight )after looking at the schematic I found the v1 and v2 was swapped on the ignition mod. I believe it only worked because of this short allowing the voltage to the board to flow through the shorted wire , and the wrong one  as well , eventually killing the board in the process? 

Thoughts ?