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In the morning it appears that water has leaked out of the reservior, is this a normal thing?

Question asked by Guest on Oct 11, 2017
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We don't leave the coffee maker plugged in constantly.  Whenever a rental is made they plug in the coffee maker at that time.  It seemed that when we left it on continually, the water evaporated ( it may be used only once or twice a week )  The unit is used in our church meeting hall.  The hall is rented out several times during the month, but coffee is only needed when rented, for funeral dinners, a weekly coffee time which runs from 8:00 am to 10 am.  The pot is not in constant use.  There is a meeting at the hall on Tuesdays and the unit is plugged in so that it will be ready for cold water on Wednesday.  Are we doing something that is causing the unit to leak.  We had tried to plug the unit in when we arrive for our Wednesday coffee but when we plug it in the first pot of coffee is not hot at all.  We are well satisfied with our unit but would like to know if there is something that could be done to stop the leaking.


I looked in the back and found this information:


Model   VPR BLK w/2 Glass Containers

Serial #U or V PR0737071


Ruth A. Purvis

Cambridge, Iowa 50046