Vitamix Commercial 2 Speed blender

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 11, 2017
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I have a vitamix commercial 2 speed blender VM0100A year 2008.  It recently stopped working.  If I press the button to start the blender it sounds like it clicks to start but none of the parts turn.  Also when I turn the main on/off switch on the light does come on.  I replaced the drive socket, but that's not the problem.  I have replaced a drive socket on my other blender before and it works fine.  What could be the next thing I could try and replace or what is the next most common thing that goes wrong?  These blender are used to make smoothies and shakes.  Both my machines are 9 years old, but are not used as much as ones just in a smoothie shop.  I'm hoping it still has some life without having to get a new one.  Thanks!