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Blodgett DFG1xl/AA not relighting.

Question asked by albumen on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by albumen

My Blodgett DFG1xl/AA lights for a period of time and relights but every once in awhile, it fails to relight.  The red light is on, the fan is running but no heat.  Open and shut the door...relights but sometimes not.  Try issue.  Runs fine.  Temp checks shows it hits on the nose 350.  Shut down and then relights.  After use..1 hr...will not relight unless you open and close door.  


Model: DFG1XL/AA

Serial: 030904 RI 010 A


What I have done:  Door limit switch replaced 18 months ago.  Tightened door closer to ensure it was not tripping.  Checked for clearance in burners and on flame sensor...clean.  Checked the inlet/ outlet gas pressure on valve: 10.28/ 1.79 inches water column (hum?).  Valve says low 2.0 high 3.5".  I observed the two middle burners illustrating yellow tips which is different from past observation 4 months ago.  relight seems to "drag" meaning it sparks a second before relit which is different from my other oven.  I am considering this is a bad gas valve.  What else can I check to ensure this diagnosis is correct?


Thank you.