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Blodgett DFG-200  Low Fan Oven Mode Not Working

Question asked by wired1000 on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2017 by fixbear

Hi Folks,


I'm going to be working on a #Blodgett #DFG #DFG-200 convection oven today.  It has the Digital Solid State controller (controller is 1 yr old).  It had an issue where the "Oven On - High Fan" mode was working intermittently.  When I replaced the mode selector switch (got part # from parts manual) the switch was not same-for-same...  but similar and with prongs on the back marked L1, N, and then 1,2,3,4 (as the old one did).  Problem was... when I put it back together, the modes were not in the right order.  

Old Modes (as labeled on the oven):  Top=Off, Right=On-Low, Bottom=On-High, Left=Cool Down

New Modes:  Top = Off, Left = On-High, Right = Cool Down, Bottom = Off


Bakers are complaining now that they need low fan mode to work...   I'll have a chance to get to the oven soon...  got the Sequence of Operations and the electrical drawing but I'm wondering if there's anything else to check?  My instinct tells me that someone used the incorrect mode switch last time and just re-wired it to work right...  and I'll have to do the same with the new switch.  Of course I lost track of the old switch so I can't just use a multi-meter to figure out if it was apples to apples  <facepalm>  


Any advice greatly appreciated!!