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Cleveland Range SGL-30-T1 probe failure

Question asked by juniort on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by fixbear
I appreciate your support on this issue with the equipment SGL-30-T1 Cleveland Range Braising pan
  • This equipment was cleaned and we changed the temp probe
  • We start the equipment and it turn the heat on, got the set temperature several times.
  • after a few hours working, customer call us indicating equipment did not heat up
  • at check again the temp probe we measure the resistance on ambient temperature and it shows 1,9 ohms
  • also we take off the temp probe, heat some water at boil temperature, and the resistance measurement was the same 1,9 ohms.
Please let me know what we must check, temp board, or other components.  Because the customer has two of this equipment in different places and they has get the same problem.