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KGL-40T will not hold temp.

Question asked by Guest on Aug 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by fixbear

I have a Cleveland Steam Kettle KGL-40T. It is an older model with a separate no/off switch. The issue we have is that it will not hold a temperature below its max setting (around 240 degrees). You bring the kettle up to max and boil and when the temp. knob is turned down to what should be 160 degrees the blower and flame turn off and the kettle slowly loses temp and pressure and never comes back on. It’s as if it can only be operated at max. One of our service technicians installed the wrong potentiometer on it. It's a new potentiometer which has the build in on/off switch and it turns in the opposite direction from what the label indicates. I don't know if this is necessarily the issue since I have metered the potentiometer and the Ohms read the correct specifications from the manufacturers (50K Ohms at position 1 and a smooth transition down to ok Ohms at position 10). I had metered the thermistor and read 84K Ohms when the manufacturer states the reading should be 100K Ohms. I ordered a new thermistor and the readings aren’t any better. The atmospheric temp. near the steam kettle is around 85-90 degrees and the manufacturers stated that temperature will affect the resistance on the reading. They recommended buying another thermistor probe but that seems like a waste of money and a bad and ill-diagnosed recommendation.