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I have a Fetco TBS-21A which is not completing the brew cycle.

Question asked by albumen on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by fixbear

This unit is a coffee/tea brewer.  It was working until this week.  The ready light illuminates, pressing the tea switch and the valve "kaplunk" and drips, the brew light comes on, tank temp reads 205.  Nothing happens.


Going through the diagnostics, everything checks out and works as it should.  So I opened the tank to see if lime buildup was the issue.  The temp probe could not be removed due to scale.  So I removed it from the board and carefully worked it until it came out.  Scale was less than 1/16 inch.  Using a green scrub pad I cleaned it off no problem.  Reassembled the probe into the tank and reconnected to the board.  The heating element had build up also but not bad  compared to the temp probe.  It appeared to turn on without issue, hissed when you turn it on and water was hot (did not take a temp reading though..hum). So I left it alone.  Then I siphoned the water out of the tank and wet vac the loose scale and buildup that had fallen off from the probe and from use so not to have issues later.  Plugged the unit in, switched it on and it filled to the top.  Then never heated again. Volt meter shows 120 v going to the element using the units terminal block neutral as a reference.  Ohming the element, I get nothing.  I am puzzled as to why this happened.  I did not bang the element or really disturb it.  My BUNN I have removed the element many times and cleaned it without issue.  So is it possible, the element could not maintain temp is the reason it would not brew?  Could it be the temp probe was sending bad readings due to scale build up and the element was overheating?  So I am no closer as to why this will not brew.  A new element ordered and should be here Aug 8.  As always, thank you for your help.