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I have a Hobart Slicer Model 3813 need help with

Question asked by moldypickle on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by fixbear

Hobart Model 3813 slicer issue.  I get a call that the slicer won't turn on.  I check it out, 120VAC is at the GFI that it's plugged into no backlight on the touchpad and won't turn on. So I load it up and wheel it back to the shop to further investigate( I'm an in-house tech).  I plug it in and touchpad lights up and takes off without issue.  I opened it up and checked all the connections, safeties, water marks on PCB, and everything seems fine.  Wheel it back to the kitchen and put back in service.  Ran fine for a few days and then got the same call.  I did nothing except unplug it for a few minutes, plugged back in and took right off again.  No issues.  I took some amp readings- had about 12 amps inrush and about 3 amps while running.  

   I'm suspecting the main PCB is "going" bad?  But to the tune of $600 - $700 for the board, i figured I would ask for help from some of you other techs.