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tool bag

Question asked by izzygreen on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by fixbear

Hey all,

So I am curious about the kind of tool bag y’all carry and what kind of tools you start a job out with.


I’ve seen techs that bring in everything and the kitchen sink from their truck as well as those who simply bring a multi-meter and 6 way screw driver for their initial visit.


I’ve found over the years that walking in to the job with the right set of tools so I can repair or diagnose on the spot without making multiple trips to my truck impresses the client.


What would you guys say is needed as a basic tool set to cover most jobs?


Personally I start out with a small  tool bag that has a set of standard sockets, pair of pliers, channel lock pliers, 6 way screw driver, small pry-bar, small file, multi-meter, set of allen keys, cordless mini impact by Makita and a set of standard and metric wrenches, and small can of PB Blaster.


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