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Supera F3R-1 evaporator fans not running at all.

Question asked by albumen on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by fixbear

The freezer temp has slowly risen over the past few days indicating the fans quit 2-3 days ago probably or worked intermittently.  I have removed the fan guards and checked wiring for loose connections, check door switches, fans not iced up, etc.  Nothing obvious.  Let the unit sit over night and the next day to totally defrost.  Plugged back in and tried it this AM.  Same issue.  The compressor kicks in, condenser fans run.  The evap coil starts to frost.  The fans just sit like they are not getting a signal to run.  The light inside works which is part of the same circuit as the fans I think.  I did not separate the wiring from the sheath to check.  The fans appear to be daisy chained so if the lead dies so does the other but 100% sure on that.  The fans spin easy and quiet with no wobble.  I do NOT hear any hum from the motors when they are to be running.  All 3 door switches turn the light on/off.  So I assume the switches are opening/closing appropriately.  So I am thinking bad switch or resistor or indicator stuck.    So what resistor, connection, switch or fuse should I check to see why these are not kicking on?  Thank you.