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Hatco TQ-800HBA 208v single phase.  I do not have this option of voltage so considering converting to 240v or buying a buck boost.  Anyone done this before?

Question asked by albumen on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2017 by fixbear

I bought this toaster for $300 from a restaurant liquidation thinking it was 240v.  Went to pick it up, it is 208v only. Crap.  It looks brand new and is super clean.  According to the plate, it was made in Jan 2016.  It is 208v 2 wire single phase 60 hz 3280 watts  15.8 amps.  I bought it thinking we could put it on our food truck but I only have 120/240v.  So I figure I got three options:


1) Buy the replacement parts and convert it to 240v ~ $310.  elements, motor and sprocket.  All other parts are identical according to parts manual.  Still half price or better.


2) Buy a 5000va Buck Booster to take the 240v to 208v ~ $329


3) Resell it for a little profit and look for a 240V model but doubt I can find one this nice without spending a lot more.


Any thoughts on the best path to take?  Has anyone done either the booster or conversion before?