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residential code?

Question asked by izzygreen on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by alnelson

I know that we don’t deal with residential here, but I ran into a situation today that I am curious if anyone knows the code in regards to water hook up for a residential refrigerator.


My grandmother’s unit went down and I told my aunt to order a new unit after going to check it out. She didn’t believe me so after a $900 bill from Sears where they claimed that they replaced the condenser and added refrigerant it still wasn’t working they ended up selling a new unit for $1200.00


They came today to install and they wanted to charge extra to change out the old copper water line for a new flex line quoting current code requires it, and they would not be able to install the new unit without changing the lines.

I dropped everything to run over there and do the install, but I am curious if the code does indeed require a change from copper to flex.