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Is Himark skil worker school better or CFESA in order to be a food equipment Tec

Question asked by Guest on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by ectofix

Hello every one,

The Question by cardmagic88 was  my question that has not been  given a right answer before.

I have a restaurant that runs business relaying on  freezer,cooler,toaster oven,backing oven,pressing oven,macrowave, ice machine,beverage cooler and more. over the years that I did not know how to have my screw driver handy  I had to spend so much money for repair the equipment. when I started to repair some stuff on my own, I could cut the some of the cost, of course thanks to internet and those who put those video on youtube. but still I could not do all the repairs because I did not have a any kind of back ground or skill related to be a technician but I know that I have a courage  to be a technician.

recently I found out about the skill worker school called Himark they have four branches. I am going to take the Gas technician 3 and then 2 and maybe 1 if needed but they said that with 3 and 2 I can start to work. what they said is I am going to learn and being certified as a Gas technician meanwhile I learn about electrical system that would give a knowledge

 to repair those equipment also. since mroadman had the same idea about how to start from Gas,electrical and steam I think that I am in the right path, I was  just wondering if the idea of starting with  cfesa would be a better place to start with. 

Thanks to every one who shared their idea it was very helpful for me