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Timer with Buzzer

Question asked by olivero on Apr 13, 2017
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Hello fellow techs,


I wanted to share a trick with you I found out a couple of days ago.


On Vulcans VC44GD convection ovens, propably other very similar models out there.


They use a 1 hour timer with a seperate buzzer, the way it seems this buzzer works is a relay pulls a plate in that hits the relay and then gets pulled back by a spring so you have a very rapid ringing, like a door bell or alarm bell.


I had one where it was not so loud anymore, looked around the buzzer for a bit and noticed the spring was there, tried a different spring and it was working better, then I put both springs on there and it worked like a charm, was even louder than before. The Chefs had trouble hearing the buzzer at times so now that it's louder, makes it easier for them.


Just wanted to share it for those that fix parts instead of just replacing them