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What might cause a DFG-100 LP Oven to have a hard relight (like gas not purging) after working flawlessly?

Question asked by albumen on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by davejohnsonnola

Oven works fine for about 1-2 hrs cycling on/off.  Sometime when you open the door to check food for removal and close the doors, it makes the call to relight and I get a moderate gas "fump" when it lights.  Removing the kick plate, the flame can be seen near the gas air intake. Like the purge did not work and it lights the remaining gas in the tube or the valve is slow to close.  I have changed the sparker and sensor as the sparker seemed weak compared to my other oven.  It has the old JohnsonControl blue box.  I am thinking the sparker box may be going bad but not sure how to test it.  

Model DFG-100-3