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Fetco CBS 2052e will not power on, what should I check next?

Question asked by Guest on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by fixbear

Fetco CBS 2052e. Solenoid for the water inlet valve failed and fried. Replaced the valve and then realized that the power supply board had also had a spot that fried. At this point the display would come on and say "FIL" but couldn't because of the power supply board. 

Took the power supply board from a 2062 that had only been in use for a very short period of time. Thought this would fix the issue no problem. Now I can't get anything on the display board. Swapped out the display board from the 2062 also and nothing there. 

Definitely have power coming into the machine. continuity through the power switch and reset breaker. the display board is reading 25 volts at the points where the two computer boards connect. Should this be higher? Just really confused as to what's happening. I'm also having a hard time believing that the display board is now all the sudden fried also and that the other power supply board and display board (that are the same part numbers and interchangeable) are also bad. 

I have a feeling I have a short somewhere or something else is cause this issue. Don't know what to check or replace.


Thank you for any help