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Kitchen Equipment Training

Question asked by olivero on Mar 28, 2017
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Hey Guys,


I was asked today what I would like to do for official training on kitchen equipment.  I was looking into the CFESA or whatever its called but you have to be a service company with certain requirements and parts stock in order to do it so that's not an option for me. 


I have been serving the hot side for 4 years now and I think I am pretty decent at it, fix pretty much anything I run into but I think some good old training would do me some good and give me a better idea of what I am doing and make me faster and more effecient. 


I am not at a point where I think I know it all and I never will be as the technology is always advancing.


What would you guys recommend? I service gas, electric, refrigeration,  dough mixers, bread slicer, rack ovens, combi ovens, convection ovens, tilt skillets, slicers, deep fryers, steamers, kettles, agitator kettle, griddles, grills, ranges, salamanders, flight type dishwasher, vegetable slicers, vertical cutter mixers, salad spinner and some more units but that's the jist of it. 


It could be either like an online school or some kind of training class. I am in clearwater florida so if it's local that's easier for me but it could also be elsewhere. Just looking for some good stuff to get me better at what I do.3