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Drop in buffets, install procedure?

Question asked by olivero on Mar 16, 2017
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Okay, I got a question for all of you guys.


You know the drop in buffets in countertops? Normally its an alto-shaam hot buffet or something of the sort that gets dropped into a stainless counter. At least that's what I got.


Here's a picture of one I did.



It seems that people just drop them in, I came in and these were a constant issue, the silicone would keep breaking on these to the counter so food and juices and whatnot would get under the flange and its gross. Problem was mainly the counter flexing when weight is put on it, separating the flange of the buffet to the counter and thereby breaking the seal.


So it became another of my things to do, to figure out how to make it right. I weld studs on the bottom of the flanges and drill holes in the counter and then goop some good ole, high temp, NSF, silver silicone under it and drop it in and see how many studs I can break off trying to get the nuts on faster than the silicone can dry.


Drives me nuts, takes almost a full 10 hours of work to do everything by myself.


But its good when its done.


Just curious if any of you guys install these, how do you put them in, I know my way might be a bit excessive but at least its somewhat permanent yet the buffet can still be pulled.