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Juicer piece broke, is that normal?

Question asked by olivero on Mar 14, 2017
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Howdy Hey!


So here is another one I found in my shop today. Its an OCJ-20 Juicer made by Orangin.


The center piece between the 2 shafts or in this case, the hole in the center, is where the blade goes that cuts the oranges in half.


They somehow managed to break it off which I was quite surprised about, its welded from the backside, looks like its only fusion welded with no filler but none the less, welded all the way around and yet it broke off. 


Any of you seen that with these types of juicers before? To me it seems a bit excessive and I have a feeling someone might have been trying to get rock juice or something like that.


The black line is me finding the center so I can align the blade right.


That is the backside where they welded it originally, i drilled it out so you can't see much of the weld anymore.


There it is temporarily mounted, the piece they broke off is the stainless shaft in the green casing. I drilled out the back of it and put a 1/4" X 20 bolt in it to hold it while I weld it from the front, then I remove the bolt and weld it from the back.


Just wondering if anyone had run into similar things with other juicers.