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Motor shaft riding up

Question asked by olivero on Mar 7, 2017
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Here's the next one,


CL 55 Robot Coupe slicer machine, chef gets it all set up with the regular cutting blade. Makes a grinding noise, lift the top of it slightly and it stops, stab a toothpick between the hinged top to the base and it stops........................


I thought the chef was just a nut and didn't put it together right or, either the side of the unit wore down or the shaft moved up.


Its got a bearing assembly in the bottom that consists of a large circular dome looking thing with a thrust bearing and needle bearing and that dome acts as the idle pulley that the motor drags around. There is also a motor shaft bearing in the top of the base which helps keep it together.




Now, I didn't believe the shaft moved up until today when he put in a grating blade and it shaved off the top of the grating blade..... Got called "Hey, ah... The CL 55 is spitting out metal shavings" 


Went over there, pondered about it and got out me trusty ol hammer and whacked the shaft a couple of times straight on the top and no joke, it moved down 1" or so.


Problem went away.


Never, ever would I have thought that was possible, especially with so many darn bearings to help hold it in place, but now I am wondering if I need to replace the bearings or the shaft.


Any of you ever seen anything like that?