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Perlick Model HC24RB-2L D

Question asked by Guest on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by olivero

HC24RB-2LD Under Counter Bev Cooler  S/N 729908 (4 year old)

Initial Notice of Problem:  Evap Pan Over-Flowed leaked into floor.

Cleaned Up, and Cleaned Condenser Coil of buildup of dusk fuzz.

Noticed that all fans and compressor running non stop.

Unplugged for 24 hours to confirmed evap coil complete defrost.

No real drainage.

Plugged back in, all fans running with compressor hum.

After 24 hours could only reach 41 degrees F.  (Temp setting at 3/4 of full scale)

Checked Compressor switch, couldn't see any visual indication of damage

Opened the Evap Compartment, clean and no damage.

Check wire connections - good

Check copper lines for kinks or cracks - good


How can I determine if the Freon has leaked away? (I didn't see a valve)

Any other thoughts on what I should do next?

B-Vancouver, WA