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Dishwasher, 1 tank is low on temp, need some assistance

Question asked by olivero on Mar 5, 2017
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Hello again guys


I am fairly lost with my STPCW-30 Dishwasher from Stero.


Been a headache for a while with all kinds of problems but I got one now that I can't seem to solve.


The machine has 5 tanks, 2 of them are scrapper (120-135*F), 1 is wash (150-165*F), 2 rinse tanks (165-190*F). Then it has a Final rinse which is the sanitizing spray at the end but is run off its own heater.


We have an issue with our incoming water supply not being high enough so we can only maintain certain temperatures, on average this is how it looks, scrapper is 110-120*, wash is 140-150* and rinse tank 1 and 2 are 155-160* and normally a couple of degrees apart with the 2nd tank being slightly hotter.


Problem is that now I am seeing the 2nd tank at about 140* when the 1st is at 150* which is very unusual, normally its a blown fuse or something easy to find but in this case I can't find the problem.


I have checked all the fuses, all legs of the heating circuit are pulling amps and the water does get to 160-180* when the machine is heating and they aren't running it but the moment they start it the temp just starts dropping and stays at around 140*. Normally this is a blown fuse or a contactor leg is burnt up or something like this but it seems to be running just fine and the problem does not seem to be electric.


I also confirmed the solenoid valve is not constantly calling for water, it has 2 float switches in every tank, 1 controls the low water cutoff for the heaters and the pump and the other controls the water level of the tank, I was thinking the float controlling water level might be malfunctioning and calling for water constantly but that's not the case.


So I looked into the machine and checked the manifold end caps and made sure they were all tight, even tried swapping some of them around but to no avail and the problem is still there.


I confirmed the temp gauge is accurate with my Fluke meter.


I emailed Stero to see what they say but I could use some help on trying to solve this as its driving me up the wall.


fixbear izzygreen alnelson Need you guys to help me out of this one