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Question asked by olivero on Feb 22, 2017
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Hello Hello! 


This one's gonna be for all the refrigeration techs out there,


I am running into an issue with my T40 blast chiller, Its giving me the error code "All 14" which means its not getting cold enough fast enough.


This unit has 3 modes, 38* Blast, 38* Hard blast and 0*


From what I observed it will pull the room down to whatever temp you set it for and keep it at that temp, maybe a little below. 


Problem is, there is a problem and its not doing it good enough. I went to the compressor and checked it out, found a leak on the high side service valve which bothered me so i fixed it and then put some refrigerant in until I cleared the sight glass, 


Here's what I got


Compressor is: 3DB3F33KE-TEC-200 made by Copeland

Condensing unit is: W075L6-IT3A-3166 made by Trenton


LL: 258 PSI, Liquid pipe temp: 93.6* F

SCL 12.6*


SL: 12 PSI, Suction pipe temp: 14.3*F

SH: 40.4*


Then today I went to check it out again and its all different, compressor would shut off and the suction would go into a 8" vacuum so I adjusted cut in and cut out per Trentons install and service manual and the compressor started short cycling, my suction pressure with the room above 30* would be around 15-16 PSI but as it pulled down, the pressure went down to running about 4 PSI until eventually, the box reached temp and I set the LPCO to kill compressor at about 1 PSI.


I added about 1 lb yesterday, not a lot for a system like this I would think but seemed to clear the SG. I saw bubbles in it again today so I added a couple of ounces and it cleared again.


Having hit the 10-12* SC I would think my solid column of liquid is there so I would need to dial in the SH using the TXV which I started doing and the box hit temp again so I am letting it warm back up and will see what effect it had.


Also, after having the comp run for a little bit the suction line became around -20 F and started frosting on the compressor that was as the box was getting to 0* F and the suction PSI was around 4 or 5.


Any advice would be awesome, I am pretty much on my own and trying to get help from Delfield, Trenton A.K.A Keep Rite and HVAC Talk, I haven't serviced a blast chiller before nor has anyone I work with.