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Lincoln 1300 Impinger not getting hot enough.

Question asked by jseigfreid on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by jseigfreid

I have rebuilt a Lincoln 1301 from spare parts gleaned from other ovens and several new parts.  The ETC is brand new.  I have the Lincoln Service manual and have fixed or rebuilt several of these, with much good advice from this forum.  I am a good mechanic, but lacking in the technical areas.  The rebuilt oven is working and heating but maxes at about 375 F.  I took the heating element out of another oven, the heating element in rebuilt oven was bad - one of the bolts was welded to the element and the wire was burned off.  


I have a good working oven.  When I exchange the ETC from the oven not heating enough into the good oven, the good oven heats properly.  The good oven is 240 V and the rebuilt is 208 V, so, I am careful to put the wires correctly for each oven.  The heating element came out of 240V oven but had 208V stamped on the part that connects it to the chassis. The salvage oven also had a furnace motor, so, now I am suspect of the whole thing.  How do I test to see if it is the element?  I do not have a spare element to test in the rebuild.