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Combi Oven Detergent Pump

Question asked by olivero on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by olivero

I had an error come up tonight with one of my Combi Ovens, OGS 20.20 combi oven.


Saying detergent is low pressure or the fancy version of "Low agent pressure". I tried removing the pump as it was vibrating a lot but its one of those pumps that don't really come apart, did not want to wreck it completely by trying but I am not sure if the pump is the problem or not but didn't want to get too deep into it as I figured someone would have an idea as to what it would be.


Seems like its not getting detergent or not pumping it, I tried disconnecting the outlet of the pump to see if it was pumping liquid out and it was more of a sputter than a spray.


The system has 3 solenoids 2 different detergents, 1 detergent is tied into 2 of the solenoids where the other detergent is tied into the third solenoid. Then they go to the pump and into the oven but the pumps inlet and outlet is the same connection (is this making any sense?)


So there you go, I am fairly confused and will be emailing Cleveland to get help but figured I would try for help here as well.