Condenser filters: yes or no?

Discussion created by davejohnsonnola on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by olivero

What is your opinion / experience with some sort of filter media for condensers in air cooled, self contained units?

Reach in fridges, freezers, sandwich prep tables, draft boxes etc. 

There are some units near flat top grills and fryer that get a greasy film. Other units are exposed to dust and even sand. Wide variety of situations.


We also have a couple of newer walk ins that have air cooled condensers sitting on top of the walk in as well.


I realize that any restrictions of air flow will increase head pressure, but figure that if we can pay attention to a set schedule of checking, cleaning or replacing them that we can save time and expense of deep cleaning or worse.


If yes, what thoughts on type of material? Foam? Fiberglass? Other?