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Fuse holder melting

Question asked by olivero on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by olivero

Well, I had an interesting problem come up last night.


My OGS 20.20 oven was giving up error codes like there was no tomorrow for the top fan. Every error code possible was going off, pulled out the wiring diagram ,traced it back to the beginning and looked at the fuse holder, the fuse is inserted into a threaded cap of sorts and is then screwed into the holder and the fuse connects in the fuse holder.


When I looked at it, the cap was pretty much a blob of plastic, removed the holder from the Din Rail and installed a different type to keep the unit running.


Then i really got a good look at it, the spot where the fuse sits had pretty much melted and the side of the holder was melted as well, so it got pretty toasty. I have a feeling there was a bad connection there but figured I would ask and see if anybody else has seen something like that.


I checked amp draws on the motor and its running at below 7A along with the motor below it so the motor is fine. They were also using time delay fuses but its not a traditional start cap run cap type design but more of a motor drive or VFD setup as the fans speed is controlled and changes and reverses. I checked the A draw and it runs form 0 to 8 and then stays at 7 Amps, there is no inrush amps. The fuse is a 20 A fuse, nothing major but I thought it was a bit weird that it melted as well as them using a time delay fuse.