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True T-23 nNot Cooling At All

Question asked by clintster442 on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by fixbear

I just picked up a 2012 model True T-23 fridge at auction.  I didn't have an opportunity to test it but I got it for $220 so I took a chance on it working. It is not.


I let it sit for 2 days once I got it home before plugging it in.  I plugged it in and it whirled on humming very nice.  Compressor has a nice hum to it and got warm without getting too hot.  Both the condenser and evap fans came on as well.


I let it sit for a 30-45 minutes and checked on it and it had not cooled a single degree.  The temp had actually gone up inside the cabinet 3 degrees from the time i plugged it in. 


I felt the copper line on the compressor and it was room temp, not cool at all.


It already had a bullet valve on the line so I put a gauge on it and it read 85 psi while off and 75 psi while running. 


I assumed it had a freon leak (due to the bullet valve already being on the line) so I vented the system to atmosphere and then replaced it with 10oz of R-134a per the label inside the cabinet.  The psi settled right back around 75 psi while running.  Still not cooling at all. 


I assume it has to be a bad compressor at this point but wanted to see if anyone else has any suggestions before I replace it.